As-Suffa Outreach’s Interfaith Work in Local Community

“The best of people are those who bring most benefit to others.”
[Prophet Muhammad, may the peace of God be upon Him]

This past year has been a busy one for As-Suffa but this is nothing to complain about- we know that the busier our Outreach Team is, the more progress is being made in our community. Here’s a look back to some of the interfaith projects we have been involved in recently:

Interfaith Food Outreach

The 2nd Annual Interfaith Food Outreach was a huge success. The event saw 3 Faiths coming together on 17th November 2017 to feed the needy during the Interfaith Week 2017. A total of 65 people were fed with fresh hot meals and hot drinks with delicious cake desserts. Apart from food beings served, the faiths also donated Food Items for the As Suffa Food Bank.

Due to the success of this 2nd Interfaith Food Outreach event, the 3 faiths agreed to have more of these events outside the Interfaith Week and will now be planning to host the event on a monthly basis. Click to view event photos here

Mayor and Faith Conference
Alongside other faith representatives, As-Suffa was invited to a conference organised by the Mayor of the West Midlands. Issues like hate crime, economy and leadership were discussed at Bham
University. It was a landmark event with even Theresa May tweeting her support! “Faith communities form one of the greatest sources of strength, vitality and resilience in our community.”

Birmingham Conversations
Open Discussion in a City of Faiths Taking part in the great Birmingham Conversations scheme has been a wonderful experience. We met lovely people with visions similar to our own to promote a harmonious, faith-tolerant society. Platforms like this and the Birmingham Council of Faiths, of which we are also a proud member and participant, work hard to bring important issues to the fore and ensure the faith communities are given a voice.

“No To Guns & Knives, Yes To Life”
Our ‘No To Guns & Knives, Yes To Life’ Campaign seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of violence, in particular the gang culture of knives and guns. We work closely with the local community and have partaken in peace walks, school assemblies and safety conferences. People of all faiths and none unite with the common goal of preserving the safety of each member of our community.

We have had some great opportunities this year to contribute to interfaith dialogue such as the great Birmingham Conversations scheme where people of different faiths and none provide ideas and support to encourage assimilation and understanding. We have also had chances to showcase some of our own outreach work as well as appreciate some of the other excellent work being done around the city to promote an inclusive, appreciative and unified society, such as through our invitation to the civic reception of the Lord Mayor hosted by the Niskham Group.

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