Virtual Faiths for Fun 2020 Registration Form

Event Date: Sunday, 3rd May 2020

Start Time: 2:30pm (1hour approx)

Event Itinerary

  • 2:30pm – Welcome: Dr. Peter Rookes to welcome the audience and set the event ambience. (5-8mins)
  • 2:40pm Base-holders welcome participants and illustrate some aspect of their faith  (5mins each baseholder)
  • 3:10pm: Activities Overview & Closing: Dr. Peter to brief the participants about activities and competition available  on the BCF and Scout website (10 mins)
  • 3:30pm: Event Closes

Event Registration Form

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    I give permission for my child to attend the above event, which will include learning about other faiths.

    Photo/Video Consent

    Parent/Carer’s confirmation

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    This information will be used solely to categorise participants when grading their activities as there will be a prize in each category, ie 7-9 years, 10-12 years, youngster with Special Educational Needs or Disability.

    We will be using this address to post the Certificate of Participation.

    For more info, please speak to:  Dr. Peter Rookes Email: | Contact Number: 07703 336088